Tesseract Explorer

By Tarek Sherif
Oh no! This browser doesn't support WebGL 2! You can read about the tesseract here, but you'll need the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge on desktop or Android to use the Explorer!
Welcome to the 4th dimension! The controls on the right will manipulate the tesseract in 4D space, and you can explore its 3D projection by clicking and dragging with your mouse. To get you started, a favorite view of mine is cutout rendering, orthographic projection, and 45 degree rotations in the XW, YW, and ZW planes.
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A tesseract is also known as a hypercube or 8-cell. It is the 4D analog to the 2D square and the 3D cube. Its 3D "surface" is composed of 8 cubes, which enclose a 4D hypervolume. What is rendered here is not the actual tesseract, but its projection into 3D space in a process similar to photographing a 3D world onto 2D camera film.
More information on 4D projections and descriptions of the available controls are provided in the documentation.