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MercatorGL is a minimal library for calculating web mercator projections on a GPU using WebGL. It provides utilities to inject GLSL code for projecting longitude/latitude coordinates into already exisiting vertex shader code and calculate the uniforms it requires. MercatorGL focuses on numerical stability by performing most calculations at 64-bit precision, and switching to an "offset mode" at higher zoom levels (using a technique borrowed from
Sample usage with MapboxGL:

        let map = new mapboxgl.Map({
        container: mapboxContainer,
        style: "mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9",
        center: [-73.982130, 40.762896],
        zoom: 15

    // NOTE: MercatorGL works with both GLSL 1 and 3 shaders
    let vs = `
        #version 300 es
        layout(location=0) in vec2 lngLatPosition;
        void main() {
            // mercator_gl_lngLatToClip function injected by injectMercatorGLSL().
            // mercator_gl_lngLatToMercator and mercator_gl_mercatorToClip also available to do
            // projection in multiple steps.
            gl_Position = mercator_gl_lngLatToClip(position);

    let fs = `
        #version 300 es
        precision highp float;
        uniform vec4 color;
        out vec4 fragColor;
        void main() {
            fragColor = color;

    // Insert projection functions into vertex shader
    let vertexShaderSource = injectMercatorGLSL(vs);
    let fragmentShaderSource =  fs;
    // Create WebGL program from vertexShaderSource and fragmentShaderSource

    let uniforms = {
        // An application uniform, not used by MercatorGL
        color: new Float32Array(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);

    // Uniforms used by MercatorGL are added to the map.

    map.on("render", (e) => {
        let center = map.getCenter().toArray();
        let zoom = map.getZoom();

        // Update the values of MercatorGL uniforms in the map (including projection matrix provided by Mapbox).
        // The application must use the map to update program uniforms used by MercatorGL.
        updateMercatorUniforms(uniforms, center, zoom, map.transform.projMatrix);

        // Draw to canvas
MercatorGL can be used directly by downloading the built source and loading it via a script tag:

    <script src="js/mercator-gl.min.js"></script>
or it can be installed via npm:

    npm install mercator-gl
and loaded via ES6-style import:

    import MercatorGL from "mercator-gl";


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